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Ribbon Sandals & Safari Bucket bag, created by Sseko Designs

Greetings, dear ones!

I hope it brings you some delightfully curated thoughts, goods, and maybe some nifty experiences too. 

If you're here, it's not by chance. With eyes open, I hope we are all aware of the need to be good stewards- of ourselves, and of the Earth. I've become increasingly aware that the small things add up quickly, and making little changes has a big impact. For me, one of those areas is being cognizant of my purchases: how is it made and who is it made by? Am I buying because something is cheap and disposable? Or am I making purchases based on quality over quantity? Is the person who made this product treated with respect, dignity, and paid a living wage? Is the way this item is produced created so that it minimizes or eradicates the use of harmful chemicals and treats natural resources with limited waste?  

That's a lot questions! But don't let it overwhelm you- let it be encouragement for taking on small steps to making a difference! The companies and artisans we are partnering with have put a lot of time and skill to handcraft you sustainable and ethically made goods. Over 80% of the workers in the fashion industry are women (learn more facts and tenants that have shaped our mission statement from the Fashion Revolution folks!) and most are working in sub-par to dangerous working conditions in developing countries where they are paid way below a living wage. Our partners strive to maintain safe work conditions, pay living wages (or above), and treat their employees with respect and dignity. Additionally almost all either operate in an eco friendly method that helps reduce harmful chemicals in their creative process or use recycled goods as part of their craft. Pretty nifty, eh?

Last I'd love to keep in touch! I don't believe in spam and I love, love, love to give random goodies to people- like you! Please fill out this form so I can know who you are and send you good things. I will not give your information away to anyone else and I only send out emails once a month to those who want to keep up with all things Kindred. 

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Our Partners

We absolutely LOVE the businesses and artisans we get to partner with! They are committed to ethical practices and sustainability. Many are members of the Fair Trade Federation and the others are up and coming businesses who adhere to the same principles of fair trade.

2nd Story Goods (Haiti)

Beto’s Coffee Co. (Masatepe, Nicaragua)

Fair Anita* (Cambodia, Vietnam, Peru, India, Mexico, Chile, Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia)

Oka-B (Georgia, USA)

Paper High UK** (UK, Nepal, and India)

Purse & Clutch (Ethiopia & Guatemala)

Rustico (USA)

Sseko Designs* (India, Ethiopia, Morocco, and Uganda)

The Winding Road+ (Bali, Indonesia, Borneo, India, Nepal)

Timbali Crafts (Swaziland)

Vaan & Co (US and India)

Vooguish (Canada)

Wild Goose (US and Brazil)

*Fair Trade Federation Member

**British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers

+Chicago Fair Trade Member