Purveyor & Proprietor, Head Mischief Maker.

Runs on coffee and sleeps on hammocks. Fueled by the imagination of her two year old and the sides of cereal boxes. 

contact: liza@thekindredleague.com


Amanda Grace

Head of Operations & Logistics, Merchandiser

All around right hand woman. Can make grown men cry with a single glance and could take over the world if she decided to (but probably won't, at least not today). 

Contact: amanda@thekindredleague.com


Laura Beth

Ethical Trade Compliance Officer & Style Guru

Is sunshine on rainy days. Can turn coffee into wine or wine into coffee. Makes tri-county award winning  homemade strawberry shortbread that would even make your grandpa shed a tear.



Product Assessment & Consulting Partner

She is known for her deep love and strong allergies of cats. She is also known for her deep love for cheese (but thankfully, no allergy). At the end of the night she is the perfect candidate to help you shut down a party at a reasonable hour becuase, we're all adults who need decent bedtimes. 



CFO, Unicyclist, and Technological Tech-ity Tech-Tech Guy.

Voted "most helpful" on random questions when playing trivia. Is not a saint, but may be confused with one depending on the state of his beard. Also, soylent. Don't ask, just trust...soylent.

Contact: thegoofeedude@gmail.com