Recycled Bullet Casing Benmu Earrings

Recycled Bullet Casing Benmu Earrings


The Benmu earrings are made of recycled bullet casings from the Ethiopian-Eritrean war. Women gather bullet casings left from war, melt them down, make the metal beads, and use those beads to create stunning jewelry pieces. These women, who have been told for much of their lives that they’re worthless beat the odds and create a dignified living. Because of the fair wage they’re paid for their work, they can prove that they have value to anyone who dares question it.

  • Dangle measures about 1”.

  • This jewelry is made from 100% brass recycled bullet casings. 

Color Notes:

  • BRASS: This is not a plated metal.  If your jewelry tarnishes at all, you can easily clean it by rubbing some lemon juice on the discolored area. Made of pure brass. 

  • MIXED: The brass and/or copper beads are a pure metal, but the silver beads are silver-plated, given the nature of the raw materials.  There is potential for the silver-plated beads to tarnish over time, depending on their reaction to the pH of your skin. 

  • SILVER: Because of the contents of the recycled material, the casings need to be plated with silver to become this color.  Silver-plated items have the potential to tarnish, depending on how they react with the pH of your skin.

Handmade by Team Ethiopia from Fair Anita and designed designed locally in Minnesota by LaLunette Jewelry.

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